As the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online inches closer, we figured we’d go back over a few simple reasons why you might decide to pick up the game (assuming you haven’t yet) and give you some fodder to entice your friends to jump on board.

Preface: We are already convinced of the quality of ESO, and consider it a must buy game from what we have experienced and seen/heard.  The purpose of this article isn’t to convince you it’s a brilliant game (if you are unsure, we recommend you check out the plethora of gameplay videos out there), but we do want you to consider purchasing it as you might be pleasantly surprised!


If you haven’t played an Elder Scrolls game before, then you really are missing out.  However there is no need to worry,  ESO is the perfect opportunity to get started!

Elder Scrolls games are known for being extremely engaging, wrapping their players in immersive environments, and providing a rich story that leaves you lusting for more. The games leave a lasting impression on the many of the players that sink time into them, and provide years of content and replay value.

ESO is undoubtedly the biggest undertaking in the franchise to date and will provide an easy way to catch up with the story, mechanics and The Elder Scrolls series in general. You’ll have a chance to start off on equal footing in a new title with hundreds and thousands of other eager players ready to make their mark in Tamriel!


If you have enjoyed an Elder Scrolls game before, then there’s a strong chance you’ll love ESO.  It’s the next big step forward for The Elder Scrolls franchise, and an excuse to revisit Tamriel and absorb that tasty lore and fantastic atmosphere you’ve come to expect from previous Elder Scrolls titles.

Many expectations were placed upon ESO, and the game has often been thought of as ‘Skyrim Online’.  Whilst it’s similar to the previous award-winning title in many regards, ESO is an evolution of the franchise.  You should try approaching the game from a fresh perspective, and remember that MMORPGs are a whole new beast compared to single-player RPGs.

That being said, the ESO game world is enormous.  It consists of most the lands we saw in the previous three games (Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim), plus it adds a delicious amount of new regions we have not yet explored. Most of these regions haven’t been featured as explorable areas in a game since Arena, the very first game in the series!

It brings over many of the features you’ve grown to love from past games, and adds in the sociability that MMORPGs are known for.  You’ll finally be able to share your travels around Tamriel with all your friends, and take your ESO experience to a new level.



Have you ever played a new MMORPG on launch day?  Many people will tell you that the first few days of a MMOs launch are the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of that games lifetime.  There’s nothing quite like the excitement of racing around with a bunch of friends among thousands of random strangers, experiencing a whole new world without any clue of what you’re doing!

I have many nostalgic memories from launch days, and it’s a bit sad I’ll never be able to experience those games like that again.  Remember, a game only launches once and you’ll most likely never have as many players to interact with again!


While ESO isn’t necessarily a revolutionary MMO, it takes a solid shot at entering the genre while adding it’s own spice to the mix.  If you’re chasing a new MMORPG with a strong grasp on PvE, PvP, crafting, exploring, and story-telling, then it’s worth giving ESO a try.

It’s true that ESO suffered some early doubts from critics and the community, but it’s looking like the game will turn out to be the blockbuster everyone originally expected.  Every day we get to see a little more of what the game has to offer, and it’s only getting more and more impressive (hype!).

Zenimax has spared no expense on this title (one of the highest budget MMORPG releases of all time) and have shown that are dedicated to making this game into a successful release. You only have to take a look at their past titles to know they care about the games they make, and really go above and beyond to making good, solid games worth playing years into the future.



If you have nothing to do in April, spend some of your entertainment budget on ESO!  Purchasing the digital or physical boxed copy of ESO comes with a free month of gametime included.  This should be plenty of time to sink your teeth into the game, and give you an idea of whether it’s a game you’d like to continue playing or not.

While I know I’ll probably lose several months (or years) of my life to ESO, I know some people can’t donate that much time to games.  The good thing about MMORPGs is that they are don’t disappear, and when you come back there is new content waiting for consumption!


Why not give Elder Scrolls Online a go?  The game really is picking up steam as more and more positive beta reviews are published.  With just over a month away to release, it might be a good time to delve deeper into the truth behind ESO, and find out if this game has something interesting for you!  Remember, if you pre-order now you get yourself a whole bunch of goodies including a headstart, so you can start playing even sooner!


See you in Tamriel!

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