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ESO Acronyms

There are many acronyms in ESO, so many that they can be sometimes overwhelming. This short guide should help you start to understand what some of these mean, whether you are new to ESO or MMORPG games entirely.



LFG – Looking For Group
LFM – Looking for More


+1 – One Additional Mini Boss
+2 – Two Additional Mini Bosses
+3 – Three Additional Mini Bosses


n – Normal Mode
v – Veteran Mode
HM – Veteran Hard Mode
I – Part One of the Dungeon; Story Begins Here.
II – Part Two of the Dungeon; Story Continues Here. Harder Than Part One.


LFM vBCII HM = Looking For More Veteran Hard Mode Banished Cells 2.



AA – Aetherian Archive
HRC – Hel Ra Citadel
SO – Sanctum Ophidia


MoL – Maw of Lorkhaj
HoF – Halls of Fabrication
AS – Asylum Sanctorium
CR – Cloudrest
SS – Sunspire
KA – Kyne’s Aegis


Base Game Dungeons

FG – Fungal Grotto
SC – Spindle Clutch
BC – Banished Cells
EH – Elden Hollow
DC – Darkshade Caverns
WS – Wayrest Sewers
AC – Arx Corinium
CoA – City of Ash
CoH – Crypt of Hearts
DK – Direfrost Keep
TI – Tempest Island
VF – Volenfell
BH – Blackheart Haven
BlC – Blessed Crucible
SW – Selene’s Web
VoM – Vaults of Madness

DLC Dungeons

ICP – Imperial City Prison
WGT – White Gold Tower
CoS – Cradle of Shadows
RoM – Ruins of Mazzatun
FH – Falkreath Hold
BF – Bloodroot Forge
FL – Fang Lair
SCP – Scalecaller Peak
MHK – Moon Hunter Keep
MoS – March of Sacrifices
DoM – Depths of Malatar
FV – Frostvault
MGF – Moongrave Fane
LoM – Lair of Maarselok
UHG – Unhallowed Grave
IR – Icereach
SG – Stone Garden
CT – Castle Thorn

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